Our History

Onelife celebrated 10 years of activity in 2016.  Ten years of support and service for our clients all over the world.

Our clients success is our success.

Not only finance and life-science but also ethical investments and non profit activities.


October 2006 ONELIFE (Onelife SA) was founded in response to the financial community requiring a deeper knowledge of the Life Science sector. Enrico Braglia (Onelife Founder) has more that 20 years of experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industry and assumed direct responsibility on many international projects.

2007, ONELIFE participated to several international projects, including the set-up, advisory and management of PROSPERA SENECTUTE FUND (SICAF-SIF) a Luxembourg Life Science investment fund focused on aging. The fund has an ethical investment approach. Onelife also analyzed several in-out licensing projects for selected clients, collaborated with several non-profit organizations and supported research in the geriatric field,

2008, ONELIFE continued its collaboration with institutional partners and pharmaceutical companies. The most challenging project was to set up a new biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development of therapies for neurodegenerative disorders (www.senexta.com). The company has a clinical development stage product for Alzheimer's Disease and Post Stroke Cognitive Impairment.

In 2009, ONELIFE supported Senexta in designing its development strategy. The CMC section, the preclinical was successfully completed obtaining an FDA IND. A new clinical regulatory study was designed and initiated. ONELIFE also worked together with several other start-ups company and with some investors in identifying the best path and strategy.

2010, ONELIFE launched the new platform Bench-2-Bed. This platform was designed for Life Sciences start-up company to reach quickly the clinical stage at very low cost. ONELIFE also has signed an Agreement with a new Private Equity Fund (Bright Technologies Fund). First investment was the Swiss Chemical company HeiQ.

2011, ONELIFE was involved in several scouting and evaluation projects for its partners. This leads to some M&A activity, investment and partnership. A new investment was added to Bright Technologies Fund: elmove AG

2012, ONELIFE advised BTF to invest in APR Pharma and in the second round of Elmove AG. Senexta Therapeutics SA signed an Option Agreement with an undisclosed US company for its Alzheimer’s Drug SNX-001.

2013, ONELIFE advised BTF to invest in Arktis AG. ONELIFE also collaborated with some undisclosed clients to acquire participation in several private companies (Wazzamba SA) and special M&A projects.  Prospera Senecute Fund over performed with a total return of 31.75%. ONELIFE contributed directly or indirectly to several non profit organizations devolving more than 350’000 CHF. 

2014, PROSPERA SENECTUTE FUND  (Sicaf-Sif) record another extremely positive year with a very low risk profile and high liquidity.

2015, ONELIFE support a new UCITS V Life Science Fund (ONELIFE FUND), available for distribution in Europe. All BTF companies better perform their budgets. ONELIFE team growths with new internal and external collaborators.

2016, ONELIFE advised a private Family Office for a major investment in a Swiss High Tech company. Supporting the marketing effort in Germany, Austria for ONELIFE FUND was one of the activity of the company. The restructuring of Bright Technologies Fund into a more efficient vehicle was completed. Support was done to many non profit organization.

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2017, ONELIFE was invloved on the marketing support of ONELIFE FUND in Germany and Austria. New investment analisys and due diligence ware completed with success. Substantial support was done to a new start-up. ONELIFE contributed to no profit ventures and responsible investments.